Keynote Speakers

THEME: undetermined

Yan Zhang

Xinhua Hydropower Co., Ltd.

THEME: undetermined

Mingjiang Deng

Xinjiang Association for Science and Technology, China

THEME: XFLEX HYDRO – Demonstrating Hydropower plants support to the power system flexibility

François AVELLAN

EPFL, Switzerland

THEME: Development of a Structural Health Monitoring system for hydraulic turbines in the frame of the AFC4Hydro project

Xavier Escaler

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

THEME: Overall Study on Reliable Operation of Hydropower System and Turbine-Generator Unit

Yiqun Xu

Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Inc, China

THEME: Digitalization in Hydropower- Challenges and Opportunities

Morten Kjeldsen

Flow Design Bureau AS., Norway

THEME: Development achievements and Prospects of Pumped Storage Power Station in China

Xueshan Liu

China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd, China

THEME: What do we know on cavitation and its effects on hydraulic machines?

Mohamed Farhat

EPFL, Switzerland

THEME: Development of a Positive Displacement Hydraulic Turbine for Replacing the PDCV in Water Supply Pipeline System

Jin-Hyuk KIM

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea

THEME: undetermined

Quanwei Liang

Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., China

THEME: The Role & Development Direction of Pumped Storage & Conventional Hydro in New Power System

Daqing Qin

Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.,China

THEME: Recent progress in pump turbine RD & Mega Kaplan

Maria Collins

Andritz Hydro GmbH, Austria

THEME: Variable speed pumped storage plants: discussion of design-influencing factors

Christof Gentner

GE Renewable Energy, Switzerland

THEME: Multiphysics coupling dynamic analysis of hydraulic machinery

Wang Zhengwei

Tsinghua University, China

THEME: Investigation on hydrodynamic characteristics and wake evolution mechanism of pump-jet propeller with front guide vane

Dengsheng Zhang

Jiangsu University, China

THEME: undetermined

Jianjun Feng

Xi'an University of Technology, China

THEME: Hydrodynamic Modeling and Performance Assessment for Tidal Stream Turbines

Yuquan Zhang

Hohai University, China

THEME: Key Technologies and Applications of High Anti cavitation Centrifugal Pumps

Xiaomei Guo

Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power, China

THEME: Hydraulic Performance Advances of Pump Turbines in China: From the Perspective of Third-party Model Tests

Lei Zhu

China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China

THEME: undetermined

Jiaxing Lu

Xihua University, China

THEME: Safe and efficient operation and maintenance of hydropower units and dynamic programming of Wind-Solar-Hydro power storage system with carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals

Diyi Chen

Northwest A&F University, China

THEME: Studies of transient operation of hydraulic machines using Open FOAM

Håkan Nilsson

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden


THEME: Hydro-Clone: Hydropower Plant Digital Twin from Commissioning to Long Term Monitoring of Hydraulic Transients

Christophe Nicolet

Power Vision Engineering Sàrl, Switzerland


THEME: The present status of large-scale industrial simulations and its future

Chisachi Kato

The University of Tokyo, Japan


THEME: Collaboration in Inter laboratory comparison globally for model testing

Arun Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Indian


More keynote speakers coming soon.



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